水曜日, 3月 13, 2019


農民芸術概論綱要(英訳) byマロリ・フロム



 What Will We Be Discussing Here?

We are all peasants; very busy, our work gruelling

We wish to discover a way to live with the zest and vigour

 of our ancestors

I wish to discuss this within the context of the proofs of

 modern science, the experiments of truthseekers, and the

 unity of our intuitions

Individual happiness is impossible until the entire world

 gains Happiness

The awareness of Self will gradually evolve away from the

 individual to the group, society, and the cosmos

Is not this direction the path trodden and taught by the saints of old?

The new era is to be found in a world which has become a 

 single consciousness and a living thing

Living properly and strongly means having an awareness of

 the galactic system within oneself, and acting in response to it

Let us seek the world's true Happiness

The seeker's path is already a path


 Why Must Our Art Arise Anew?

Our ancestors, though poor, lived quite happily

They possessed both Art and religion

Today we have only work and existence

Religion, now enervated, has been replaced by modern

 science, yet science is cold and dark

Art has departed our midst and become wretchedly decadent

Those we now call people of religion and Art monopolize and

 sell Truth, Goodness, and Beauty

We lack both the strength and the necessity to purchase

We must now walk a true, new path and create our own Beauty!

Burn away grey labour with Art!

Herein lies our enduringly pure and enjoyable (act of) creation

Townspeople! Come join us World! Open your doors to us whose motives are pure !


 What Will Create The Core Of Our Art ?

The origin of peasant art is Beauty

We will create new Beauty

Aesthetics is ceaselessly changing

Beauty will ever expand until the very word 'Beauty' perishes

We must warn of false roads and forked paths

What we call 'peasant art' is a concrete manifestation of a 

 cosmic spirit that interpenetrates Earth, Man, and Individuality

Peasant Art can be a conscious or unconscious creation having personal 

 experience gained through intuitive perception and emotion at its foundation

Peasant art always affirms actual life and deepens and heightens it

Peasant art guides us in making human life and Nature into

 an unending art photograph and an enduring poem, and in

 the intuitive reception of Beauty as a vast theatrical dance

It leads to a communion of men's spirits, it socializes

 feelings, and it acts as a conduit bringing everything to its

 ultimate conclusiorn

Our Art is thus the foundation of a burgeoning culture


 How Can They Be Classified?

If there is melody and rhythm in the voice, we produce vocal music

If there is melody and rhythm in sounds, instrumental music comes forth

If words are an expression of Truth, there is prose

If words have rhythm, there is poetry

If actions are an expression of Truth, there is theatre

If actions have rhythm, there is dance

Expression by a camera creates art photographs of silence and motion

Light images expressed by the hand create paintings

The plastic arts give us sculpture

Synthesis produces theatre, opera, and a voiced photograph of movement

The desire to create Beauty with a Purpose often encompasses the senses of smell, taste, and touch

Words voiced with a Purpose create speeches, essays, and sermons

Visual life with a Purpose creates architecture and clothing

Different visualization with a Purpose creates the industrial arts

Visual production with a Purpose creates horticulture, forestry, and land planning,

An expression of a life of smell, taste, sight, and touch with

 a Purpose creates cuisine and material goods

A unification of movements with a Purpose becomes labour ,

contest, and athletics


 What Kind of Assertions Are Possible

    Within These Doctrines?

Art for Art's sake appears in youth and goes dormant during adolescence

Art for Life's sake is found in adolescence and goes dormant after reaching maturity

Life as Art reaches perfection in old age

These changes are related to the individual nature and to the profundity of Art itself

Realism and Romanticism coexist within the individual

Formalism comes from proper attitude

Titleism comes from continuous feeling

Four dimensional awareness brings dynamic motion to static Art

Mysticism will ceaselessly arise anew

Any assertion regarding manner of expression is possible to

the extent of individual nature


 How Shall We Commence? How Shall We Advance?

First conceive a great desire to pursue in the world

Live strongly and properly

Carry on straight ahead without flinching from adversity

Following initial perception comes imitation, then idealization ; 

this gives rise to acute, dispassionate analysis and a synthesis of ardour and strength

The bounds of Beauty and Creativity expand in proportion

to their secret existence in our activities and our unconscious

Chance apprehension leading to conception lies at the heart of creation

After refining the concept, expression begins

Once fixed within a medium, creation is complete

What dose not overflow from the unconscious is lifeless or a sham

Look at the expressions on the faces of the intellectual longhairs drinking coffee as they wait in vain!

urn away all suffering! Make all hearts one !

Go with the wind ! Take energy from the clouds!


 What Does The Word ‘Artist' Mean To Us?

Professional artists will one day cease to exist

Let everyone adopt an artist-like sensibility

Ceaselessly express yourself along the lines of your individual genius

We are, each of us, artists at one time or another

Action is concentrated in creation when that creation wells

up spontaneously and ceaselessly

When this occurs, others will contribute financial support

When creation ends, the creator will return to the soil

This is the case of most liberated geniuses

Myriad geniuses of differing characteristics should stand together

Earth, too, will then become heaven


   How Shall We First Create A Basis

For Proper Evaluation and Appreciation?

It is natural that criticism must be based on social awareness

Criticism goes wrong when individual tastes establish artistic conventions

The Creator must not cease his self-criticism

There are three approaches to criticism: the destructive,the creative, and the intuitive

Destructive Criticism stimulates the Creator

Creative Criticism guides the Creator by suggestion

The Creative Critic must be equal of the Creator

Intuitive Criticism occurs with the completion of Art

The Creator must respond to criticism with a like social awareness

Disputes lead to new ideas


 Friends! Let us unite our true strengths and create all

 our lands and all our lives into one, grand fourth dimension of Art!

Let us first become as sparkling cosmic dust and scatter to the four winds

We each have our own feelings

We each have our own life

Here is the Sun of galactic space, Japan, and the fields of Iwate

Rows of green pines,

Miscanthus flowers,

Preserving the traces of ancient Michinoku

'Pearlwort lanterns burning

In the empty space of evening;

Singing a two-part largo

Reverberating to the very clouds,

We lose ourselves in the night wind.

Harvest time approaches,

The year draws to a close.'

Words are poetry

Movement is dance

Sound, the music of the spheres

All is a sparkling landscape

There is an understanding audience in each of us

There is a lover in each of us

The vast stage of human life revolves on the axis of Time and creates an imperishable four dimensional Art

Friends! You should go! Then all will follow!


 What is required of us is ardour, great strength,

 and a transparent will which enfolds the galaxy

The path before us, though bright, is precarious

Four dimensional Art enlarges and deepens at times of trouble

A poet must enjoy even suffering

The eternally unfinished is the finished

When we attain understanding we will discard this essay

These are ultimately no more than the thoughts of Miyazawa Kenji in 1926