月曜日, 11月 11, 2019

ミッチェル グリーンニューディール

gave me the wrinkles non regular jobs .
now Jude one that is saying in the rest of the world in this verse it says if I did another calculation is America.
 much younger Society much lower dependency ratios so it empties dialogue about the aging population is that your party doing more to invest in education to maintain full employment and maintain a get rid of underemployment leaders on regular work .
and I I have the question answers I can talk more about specifically to my understanding.
 the last thing I'll talk about briefly is climate change now the interest of time my take on the climate change is now being characterized as green new deals you know I don't like the terminology because it's really American central .
and remember like the fishing gear deal was a secret new stimulus .
it was just easy later than economy with Japanese deep recession depressions and they needed a softy expanding to bring the economy back interest into right .
well the green ideals know what the New Deal wasn't a structure plans much for the green here as we think about is going to be a massive structural transformation of production consumption it's quite a scientists correct first year in magnitude of their estimates and the Tiny's of barrister the English job that we better get in a get on their bikes pretty quickly maybe we'd better do a whole lot of stuff very quickly now why I think the policy is yeah that if we're really thinking that it's the the human behaviour that's causing the climate issues and I except I'm not a climate scientist possible that I can be true and I understand research results and I've got no vested interests we try to at least represent those research results I'm accepting that we we are causing damage to our environment and it's getting worse and so if we believe that it's a human agency issue well then the solution is to address the behavior that's driving them and so the way I think that the green viewers as just transition because if we're really serious about this massive transformation from carbon to nonprofits leading they're serious about that there is going to be losses from their communities people in my area where are you where are mostly Leeds Newcastle it's the largest calling sporting poor in the world is in Caulfield and we can have the causal began was very good for to those communities as parents people the children all of the structure that they serve the sector that you support Donald I just mean if you can kind of lose it and so the only way we're going to be